How do I install Speller?

After purchase, you will receive a download link in your email. (If you don’t, contact us.) Download the file, and open it. If you’re on a Mac, double click the file that starts with “Mac”. If you’re on Windows, double click the file that starts with “Windows”. You may need to enter your password to complete the installation; this is normal.

Installation should take about 30 seconds to complete. Once it’s done, you may need to restart your programs Office, Firefox, Chrome, etc. to pick up the additional words.

Why don’t I see anything after I install Speller?

Speller isn’t a program by itself. Instead, it integrates word lists with programs that you already have and use. If you’ve installed Speller, make sure you restart Chrome, Firefox, Office, TextEdit, etc. to pick up the new words. Re-open one of those programs, and type in a word like “abdominoplasty”. If the installation was successful, you shouldn’t see squiggly red underlines under properly-spelled words.