LexisMed Speller™ for institutions

Common uses

LexisMed Spell Check™ is popular at schools, pharmaceutical & biotech companies, and hospitals.

  • Site licensing as a spell check product for your organization or group
  • Resold to your customers as a spell check product if you do site-wide sourcing for IT hardware/software
  • …and myriad others

If this is you, or think it might be you, send me an email about your use case.

Pricing model

The most common institutional pricing model is:

  • Year 1: $5.99 * number of seats
  • Year 2+: $2.99 * seat count per year. This gets you updates as they are released

Billed yearly from date of contract. If a specific alignment with a fiscal or calendar year is required, we can work that out.

Getting updates

A new version of LexisMed Spell Check™ is published about twice a year, typically in the Spring and Fall. Each new version pulls in the words that have been added since the last version was published. This is typically an increase of about 10,000 words, genes, symbols, etc. every six months taken from the latest peer-reviewed literature. These updates are in whatever form you prefer: installable MSI or plaintext word list. I’m open to more exotic formats as well. Send me an email so we can work something out.

I just want the dataset

No problem! You’re looking for the LexisMed Lexicon™ family of products.